Prime-minister: ‘you cannot fire someone because they are homosexual’

17 03 2007

Source: Gazeta Wyborcza of March 15, 2007

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The prime-minster, currently on an official visit to Holland, said that a person cannot be fired on the ground of their homosexual orientation. It came as a reply to the statement deputy Minister of Education Miroslaw Orzechowski’s statement. On Thursday, in an interview for TOK FM radio, he said that gay teachers, who come out, will be fired from work. Teachers’ Union ZNP demands the deputy minister to be fired instead.

Mirosław Orzechowski yesterday declared a fight with promotion of homosexual behaviour – and like he said – “other deviations of this kind” in schools and educational facilities. He added that disobedience in that matter will be punished severely. A teacher who will invite agitators, will lose his job, or even face jail. The same would apply to persons promoting homosexualism.

The Ombudsman is “deeply concerned

The Ombudsman expressed his ‘deep concern” (…). “Particularly inappropriate I find the remarks of Mr Miroslaw Orzechowski, who uses terms like “deviants” when talking about gay people’ – The Ombudsman Janusz Kochanowski wrote in his statement.

Ministry of Education’s spokeswoman Aneta Woźniak assured, that the deputy minister did not use the term “deviant” referring to persons. – ‘Deputy Minister Orzechowski was not talking about people, but actions. When you talk about “deviations” you mean the abnormal behaviour’ – she explained.

ZNP Teachers’ Union: Orzechowski should be dismissed

According to ZNP, Orzechowski should be dismissed for the remarks he made on Thursday. “The deputy minister announced that gay teachers will be fired” – says their statement. Therefore, according to the union, Orzechowski has broken the Constitution, which assures everyone is treated equally by the public authorities.

Aneta Woźniak replies that the deputy prime minister did not announce that gay teachers will be fired. – ‘No one will ask about your sexual preferences. Only those, who promote homosexualism will suffer the consequences’ – said the spokeswoman.

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€5,000 reward for information about stolen diamonds

16 03 2007

Source: Gazeta Wyborcza of March 15, 2007, PAP
Author: Grzegorz Szaro

1,3 million euro worth of diamonds have been stolen at the Gdansk International Fair (MTG). Police have not yet captured the thief. The company has declared it will reward 20,000 zł (€5000) for help in finding the criminal.

The police informed before that the stolen diamonds belonged to Belgian company, however it turned out that they were in fact property of Dutch traders taking part in the Ambertiff, fair of amber, jewellery and gemstones. (…)

On Wednesday, during the first day of the fair, company representatives submitted the diamonds to deposit: a safe in the basement under the fair building.

When, on Thursday morning, they wanted to move the diamonds into their exposition stand, they were gone.

‘We do not have any suspects, however we are proceeding with an intensive enquiry: we question MTG employees and exhibitors’ – the Gdansk police spokeswoman Dominika Przybylska told us.

Przybylska added, that as we spoke, the police were investigating at the crime scene and clarifying the circumstances. Several witness had been questioned until then.

The fair will not close down

When fair organisers learned about the theft, they considered closing it down. However, after consulting the police, it was decided to continue with fair agenda.

‘This is the largest jewellery trade fair. Traders from 48 countries were preparing themselves for a year, and they would not appreciate closing the fair down’ – says the deputy president of Gdansk International Fair Tomasz Hołdys. And added that for the sake of investigation, the police obliged to keep details in secret.

According to Hołdys ‘such theft might have happened on any such fair around the world. – Our jewellery storage system is very good, and the fair area professionally monitored. We have been organising Aberiff for 14 years – he stressed. – ‘As you can see, every system can be broken if there is someone who really wants to do it’ – sighs Hołdys.

Ambertiff fair will last until Sunday. 480 exhibitors from around the world are taking part.

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