Europeans want Galileo

6 06 2007

Source: portal of June the 6th 2007
Author: nik, Brussels
Translation: MoPoPressReview

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Vast majority of the EU citizens are in favour of building the new European satellite navigation system, which is set to compete with American GPS – says the recent Eurobarometer poll.

25 thousand Europeans were asked, if they would support the construction of Galileo, knowing that it would cost €2.4 billion, an amount that would allow building 400 kilometres of motorways.

63% of the EU citizens said “Yes”, in Poland it was 66%. In Sweden support for this initiative is the smallest, with 33% believing EU should not spend that much on the satellite investment.

So far the Galileo project encounters one obstacle after another. In recent months it turned out that the private companies, that were supposed to be main investors for constructing and sending satellites to the orbit, are not able to collect sufficent funds. Therefore Brussels considers engaging EU budget. During the next few months EU transport ministers will be discussing the future of the project.

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26 05 2007

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