We translate press articles from the Polish media, that catch our attention and which are not likely to be reported abroad. We work on making our translations as good as we can, however we are not professional translators.

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21 01 2008
28 03 2008
Michael Engelberg

What information do you have on the Kanczuga Passover Seder
massacre that occurred following the Holocaust? My father-in-law,
Simon Salzman, related to me that 35 Jews were slaughtered while
conducting a Passover Seder. His mother was among those murdered.
Jan Gross claims there was a long and well documented article in the daily Gazeta Wyborcza a year or two ago about this murder. Can you help me. Thank you.

29 03 2008

as far as GW texts go, there is a text about Kańczuga to be found in the archives of Gazeta Wyborcza here, [one has to pay to read it all]. I guess it’s repeated there.

1 04 2008


I have a working password to their archives, contact me under mopopr@gmail.com

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