The BIG question people are asking this week: What’s with those Russian threats again?

5 02 2008

This is the first episode of our new, lighter, column ‘The BIG question people are asking this week’, in which we will not exactly translate the news like we do, but analyse and/or synthesise and/or explain and/or (most likely) comment the things people in Poland are getting excited about in the media, and generally.

The big question people are asking this week is

What’s with those Russian threats again?

Russia’s representative to NATO Dmitriy Rogozin warned Poland this week, saying he ‘would like to remind his Polish colleagues of their recent history, which proves that positioning Poland on the confrontation line have always brought tragedy to them’ and he continued saying ‘that’s how Poland lost one third of her population during the Second World War.’

That’s not exactly the kind of language you would expect from a diplomat, is it? But that’s Russia for you. Is this a suggestion they would attack Poland like they did on 17th September 1939 collaborating with Hitler?

Two days later the chairman of foreign affairs committee at the Russian Duma Konstantin Kosachov was kind enough to make such a statement, ‘certain American installations will be becoming an object of control, and, at worst, targets’.

Of course what they both are talking about is the anti-missile shield scheme, elements of which are planned to be installed in Poland, and which is thought to be able to shoot missiles down when they’re still in the air, and prevent them hitting America, and – maybe (this is not clear yet) – some other places as well.

Why would Russia oppose a DEFENSIVE system, anyone? Any ideas? Not to protect their own citizens, as this has always been the least worry there…

Frankly they’re not doing themselves a favour here – if they really don’t want the American anti-missile shield elements installed in Poland. Most people, including me, were not in favour of this anti-missile project. But hearing such threats from time to times makes me, and many other people, twice more cautious about Russia and twice more eager to tighten cooperation with Western allies, in case Russian enlightened leadership actually decided attack us militarily. Will Russia ever change? Will Russia ever become a normal, democratic, friendly country governed by the rule of law?

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18 responses

5 02 2008

Let’s translate this: England has no eternal friends, England has no perpetual enemies, England has only eternal and perpetual interests.
into: Poland has no eternal friends, Poland has no eternal enemies, Poland has Poles. Poles, on the other hand, have diverse interests, changing from time to time.

Why would Poles require a DEFENSIVE system? The best defense in case of military emergency is to grab your ID, a wad of notes and leave for any country that won’t be attacked and speaks any language you speak. That’s what Poles should have done in 1939.

And I don’t suppose Russia plays the historical-hysterical cards because it is a historical-hysterical-minded state. I think it wants Polish politicians to get historical-hysterical where a shrug or a smile should do.

5 02 2008

They should’ve. It would’ve made things easier for everyone, wouldn’t it?:)

PS. Shrug? I thought raising an eyebrow was enough?

8 02 2008

>That’s not exactly the kind of language you would expect from a diplomat, is it?

Of course it is — especially when that same diplomat fronted the Rodina party, whose November 2005 Moscow legislative elections campaign sponsored racist advertising. One TV spot featured men of Caucasus descent throw watermelon rinds on the ground and Rogozin comes up to them demanding they pick them up. A banner on the screen flashed: “We’re cleaning Moscow of garbage”, while background music played — ethnic music from the Kabardino-Balkariya region, which was the scene of violent unrest the previous month before.

8 02 2008
8 02 2008

But who made him a diplomat?

10 02 2008
Radek P. Szulc

an enlightened leadership actually decided attack us militarily. Will Russia ever change? Will Russia ever become a normal, democratic, friendly country governed by the rule of law?
How dramatic:)

15 02 2008
Raf Uzar

Love the blog! Check out my comments on:

15 02 2008
Raf Uzar

We have to remember that Russia, or more accurately Russian leaders have and have always had an inferiority complex and the anti-missile shield is just another way of flexing their muscles.

16 02 2008

They do have some complexest hat’s for sure.

Not sure they feel inferior anymore though… although the way they panic about Poland (1612 etc.) is proving your point.

The thing with missile shield itself is a different story… People are divided: some support it, some are strongly against. It’s not clear whether it would increase Poland’s defences, etc.

16 02 2008

What am I writing! What a style!
I should better get some sleep.

17 02 2008
Raf Uzar

πŸ™‚ A few years ago I had the pleasure to work with one of the premier Russophiles in Poland. He told me (and taught me) a lot about Russian culture and their very fine-tuned self-awareness. Perhaps its not a case of feeling inferior (although I suspect that it is) but merely an oversensitivity to everything that concerns themselves.

17 02 2008

Apologies, everyone, for breaking in with a rather off-topic question:
Can anyone recommend a good website to learn Russian, day by day e-lessons?

25 02 2008

Quick question: Approximately where in Poland is this shield going to be?

27 02 2008

Approximately somewhere in the provincial nowhereland πŸ™‚

18 03 2008

Russians (and Poles), for historical reasons, are very concerned about their country safety. Installing highly sophisticated military installations right on their border for sure will make them suspicious. There are no possible assurances nor guarantees that these are purely defensive weapons. After all these can be converted in no time.
By having them in our country we are becoming obvious target for immediate attack in the case of any military conflict, regardless where and with what country Russia will be at war. For that reason alone it is a sheer idiocy of allowing these to be in Poland.
These are not designed and will not be able to protect Poland, they are not in our interest.
What are other problems associated with it:
Having a foreign military force in great numbers in remote places where population is not prepared to interface with people of different culture and races will unavoidably cause conflicts (Americans are different than Europeans and in general soldiers are not famous for their intelligence). Who is going to have a jurisdiction over foreign soldiers?
There are going to be changes in local economy (most of these positive), but it also gives the foreign military certain amount of leverage in dealing with local administration.
What is Poland getting out of it?
The other danger is that strong Polish military will create powerful entity of military and industry which in time will influence internal politics. Besides that military tends to be aggressive so there is a possibility of becoming an aggressive country.
Why not looking for reconciliation with Russia and mutual benefits. After all they suffered under the communism even more than Poles. Having a strong military in our geographical situation is senseless unless Poland becomes garrison country and commits enormous amount of resources to it sacrificing everything else. Disband military and concentrate on economy.

24 04 2008

Speaking honestly ,no one in RF take remarks of new “diplomat “D.Rogozin seriously.So we can discuss “danger “of Moscow’s imperialism and 17 Sept .1939 but as paperback fiction only.Speaking about Russian ‘fear” of 1612…
Sorry guys ,Russians take seriously Big Guys, only.Just no Poland in Russian hemisphere, at all.
New US nukes near our back yard – just nervous thing,you know,we did think we are in sort of peace agreement with NATO.Czech base,Polish base,Ukrainian ,Georgian ?

20 08 2008

why dont the US just shut up and mind his own business
i mean why is there a need to anger russia . look at your own interests first.
first dismantle the bull shit NATO and go home.
Russia doesnt do anything unless provoked but you beggers just attack poor countries for nothing,.

russia please have iskander missiles and bombers in cuba.
lets see what those chickens would do next.

i advise the russians to destroy any threat to them even if it means attacking the missiles in poland and radar in czech.

1 03 2012

I don’t see what is wrong with this statement. The Treaty of Versailles and German territory given to Poland after WW1 was designed to stoke tensions and future conflict reshaping spheres of interest that would threaten the post WW1 territorial security order like NATO’s disastrous adventure in the Balkans.

And the M-R pact provision was taken completely out of context which had an agreement that if there was a war between Germany and Poland and if the Polish government collapsed there would be a line agreed upon which Germany would not cross that threatened the security of the USSR.
In the M-R pact document it mentions a sphere of influence not a partition.

As for the Missile Shield it has a first strike nuclear capabilities with NATO expansion and the MS project part of the NWO in the regional realignment against Russia since the collapse of the USSR who want to break up Russia along mainly Turkic ethnic line (Pan Turanianism) so Russia will not be a bulwark against US/NATO hegemony in the control Caspian and Central Asian oil and gas to Europe and Asia making Nabucco Caspian pipeline viable that bypasses Russia through Turkey and the new Balkans states.

This is not a theory but a fact which even Obamas foreign policy advisor laid out in his 97 book The Grand Chessboard, his economic, political and ethnic connections and affiliations.

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