Polish Public Television TVP censored ‘Little Britain’

31 05 2007

Source: gazeta.pl portal, May 31st 2007
Author: asz
Translation: MoPoPressReview

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TVPs decision to broadcast ‘Little Britain’ surprised us. After all it is a crude satire, moreover: it is British. One of the episodes contained for example a scene of gay-priest kissing his partner. “What do do? What to do with this?” – kept thinking TVPs decision makers. They found a solution: they’ve cut it out.
‘The series is of satirical character. Deciding to broadcast it to Polish audience, we took into account the differences in mentality and sensitivity between Poles and the British. What is appropriate even in British public television, may offend polish viewers’ – told TVPs spokeswoman Aneta Wrona to Zycie Warszawy daily. Cut it out? Cut it out! Is it the case that they still remember down there in TVP this method had proven in practice and was effective? (during communism)

And only the Democratic Left Alliance MP Mr Gadzinowski is repulsed with TVPs attitude: ‘These practises are in fact censorship! I will raise this subject on the next TVPs Programme Council, which I am a member of’. How naive of him…

Priest scene, TVP censored version
(please note that polish television usually uses reader instead of subtitles or dubbing for foreign programmes)

The fifth episode broadcast by TVP2 last Friday, ended with a scene at the erotic articles stall, in which a priest assures the “only gay in the village” of his tolerance. This is not the end of the original version. Priest’s homosexual partner comes to the stall and kisses him passionately. Later the pair embraces, and an elderly lady standing nearby sums up the situation with a coarse joke.

Gay-priest scene, BBC original version

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4 responses

7 06 2007
RrRrRriot Queeeer

Hahahaha, everyone knows TVP is filled with gays from top to bottom:)

This is probably just an attempt to increase ratings.. Now everyone will want to watch this.. this.. uninteresting show to see what is so outrageous about it:)

Like I saw in Empik yesterday, couple people buying Teletubbies fairy stories:)

9 08 2007
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10 09 2007
9 12 2007
Sense of humour « 20 east

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