‘We do not want such deviations in schools’ says The Ministry of Education

15 03 2007

Source: Gazeta Wyborcza daily of 14th March
Author: Aleksander Pezda

* * *

Ministry of education to ban homosexual propaganda in schools. And to punish for it with prison or fines.
Miroslaw Orzechowski at Press Conference.‘So far this is only a Ministry’s idea, however there are works under way for a project of a statue.’ – said Deputy Minister of Education Miroslaw Orzechowski (League of Polish Families Party – LPR).

‘The act will not affect the rights of homosexual persons, those who suffer from this condition’ – declared the deputy minister. ‘It will only halt the way to promotion of behaviour of this kind in schools and education facilities.’

Who will be subject to criminal investigation? According to Orzechowski ‘every individual, who will promote homosexualism and other deviations in schools’ will face prison or fines. It will also apply to those ‘who promote homosexuality in a way suggesting that it it sanctioned by the educational facility’.

The journalists were asking, if breachers of the proposed act will face prison, and if so for how long. ‘You have the Criminal Bill, look it up, check what is there for other deviations. We are only at the stage of planning now.’

The journalists were also asking, what is ‘homosexal propaganda’ supposed to mean. Would for example inviting a homosexual singer, who would admit, on stage, that he is homosexual fit under that definition? – ‘I don’t see anything wrong with that. Everyone can admit he is a pederast’ – said the deputy minister.

So is information about homosexuality in a biology coursebook allowed? – ‘Yes, because that would belong to the zone of knowledge’.

To give an example of reprehensible homosexual propaganda Orzechowski has shown a leaflet produced in 1998 by the Krakow Group of Lesbians and Gays entitled ‘Live passionately, make love safely’. Leaflets were part of an anti-HIV campaign, promoting the use of condoms and safe sex.

‘It instructs how to make anal homosexual sex’ – the deputy minister was outraged, and said that such leaflets were distributed in schools in Krakow.

The leaflets were indeed distributed to Krakow high school students, not in schools however, but in the Krakow City Hall, where they were brought for a workshop on preventing AIDS.

Asked if homosexual propaganda was a common pracitice in Polish school, deputy minister said ‘No, but we have to stand against it’.

He pointed out to the Council of Europe’s handbook for teachers as another example of pathology. The publication entitled ‘Compass: Educating on Human Rights’ contains proposals for lesson scenarios, also about homosexualism. Minister of Education Roman Giertych has fired the president of Teachers Education Institution Miroslaw Sielatycki, for having published that handbook. The case of his dismissal is waiting for hearing in the Labour Court.

(…) Deputy minister Orzechowski admitted, that it is dufficult for him to talk about homosexuality, at this subject repulses him.

The government has not yet seen the ministry’s project. However on yesterday’s press conference, the prime-minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski asked about it, said ‘agreeing for homosexual propagannda in schools is too much. These restrictions should be applied’.

What does Law and Justice Party (PiS) MPs think about this?

Maria Nowak, PiS MP, deputy chairwoman of Sejm’s Education Commission makes light of the whole matter. ‘This is LPR’s move to win more popularity’

However she admits that she personally finds homosexuality as something ‘not entirely normal’. – ‘And I see no reason for inviting homosexual people to schools. This is their private matter, and you do not need to talk about it too much, and pay so much attention to it’– she says.

‘There are homosexual characters in handbooks for British kindergarten children, in French books they analyse all kinds of families, including homosexual couples. Only the Polish administrative life is behind’ – commented Yga Kostrzewa, spokeswoman for Lambda Warsaw, gay and lesbian association. – ‘We can close our eyes and pretend that there is no problem, but this will not change the fact that homosexualism in Poland exists. Talking about this in schools is not dangerous: talking will not make anyone adapt homosexual orientation’.

* * *



8 responses

15 03 2007

lets ban out all ppl who hates homoseksuals. We are normal people with feelings.

16 03 2007
Internet polls on 'homosexual propaganda ban' « MORE POLAND

[…] MORE ON THE MATTER >>>   […]

17 03 2007
29 04 2007
Guy Adams

Dear Poland: hang in there and stay strong. Continue to keep homosexuality out of the schools. Don’t let the EU intimidate you. The evils of homosexuality do NOT belong in the school system except to show how medically dangerous homosexuality is. Guy Adams, Dir., ValueUSA.net

30 05 2007
Stacy Steel

Homosexuality is not contageous anymore than heterosexuality and teenage sex which is more likely to happen rather than a teenager “turn” gay. What a lot of shit you Polish ministers talk.

Deputy Minister of Education Miroslaw Orzechowski and
Education Minister Roman Giertych, you are both ignorant and ill-infomed. Homosexuality is not a condition or an illness it is a sexuality.

You allow Peophiles to infiltrate schools etc but you don’t mention this. It is little more than persecution.

The Teletubbies are an innocent childrens programme and in no way promote homosexuality in schools and if your twisted minds see it as something else, then you are the evil ones.

And as for you Guy Adams, you need not comment as your country (USA)is the biggest hipocrite on earth. Full of so called puritans. You are the worst. Do not comment on European issues that do not concern you or your country. I am surprised that you have even heard of any country other than America as you are all so far up your own A**eholes.

30 05 2007
blazej brzeczyszczykiewicz


30 05 2007
Stacy Steel

dziekuje blazej brzeczyszczykiewicz

31 05 2007
blazej brzeczyszczykiewicz

the ministry of culture has another ‘progressive’ act proposal….

since local councils and voivods enforcing bans for gay rights demonstrations was sentenced as an illegal action by both the polish highest court, and the european tribunal of justice, ministerial “thinkers” came out with an act allowing local councils to deny the right of demosntrating near places of “religious or national respect”….

currently demonstrations can only be denied demonstrations near nazi death camps, which are thought to be places of significant emotional and historical value.

the new act would allow local council to decide which places are of the special “religious and national respect”, which basically gives them a tool to ban any kind of public gathering they don’t like…

the act would probably not stand in the constitutional tribunal… but if the ministry will try to put this through, poland will again make headlines with its backward policies and homophobia, european union and other international institutions will once again have point to our wrongdoings

i just cant believe how stupid are the people currently running my country. how meanly they try to conflict the poles with one another… they don’t seem to realise that the words of people in power materialise in actions of ordinary public servicepeople and citizens. why don’t they encourage people to live together in peace?

and young ambitious educated people keep relocating to united kingdom…. not so hard to tell why..

the funny thing is the conservative prime-minister is rumoured to be gay himself. it became something of a public secret. Lech Walesa was once in early nineties asked by tv journalists who did he invite to his birthday party. Among the guests he mentioned “Lech Kaczynski wich his wife and Jaroslaw Kaczynski with his husband”. my friend, sociologist in his late 30s, claims that he saw kaczynski many times in the eighties in bars and places known as gay meeting points. Once can only wonder how can his world be internally cohesive… but if you saw “Angels in America” you know its possible….

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