Prison for “homosexual propaganda”

14 03 2007

Source: IAR /

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Education Ministry is working on an act to penalyze organisations or individuals introducing homosexual related material in schools – confirms ministry spokewoman – Aneta Wozniak.

This information was first published by the Dziennik daily. According to the new regulations, a teacher suspected of committing such an action, will face criminal charges, and even jail.

The project of the act will be sent for interministerial arrangements on Tuesday, and later sent to parliament. New regulations could come into effect in the new school year 2007/2008.

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2 responses

29 04 2007
Guy Adams

Dear Poland: hang in there and stay strong. Continue to keep homosexuality out of the schools. Don’t let the EU intimidate you. The evils of homosexuality do NOT belong in the school system except to show how medically dangerous homosexuality is. Guy Adams, Dir.,

10 05 2007
Pole in North Poole

Dear Mr Adams,

Whether you like it or not there are homosexual people in schools: as students and as teachers. The State has to promote tolerance in schools, so that all residents of the country can live together without hatred, can respect one another and cooperate without prejudices. Hatred does not get people anywhere. Here in Europe, we have done our homework after the Second World War and keep working on that.

You should note, that such ideas and comments as described in the artice, are not created by “Poland” and its implementation was never discussed by the government. These are ideas of a small conservative party (that forms the current government together with people’s christian democratic party (PiS), and farmers’ party populists), AND current polls give this party around 3% support, which means if the election were to take place now, it wouldn’t get chosen to the polish parliament.

Now I have to go, hoping that my walk in the street won’t cause any medical dangers: when one walks on the strret a brick could fall on one’s head:P

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